01.10.14Jazz Education Network Conference

Ariel Alexander and I will be presenting a performance/clinic at the JEN Conference in Dallas, TX on January 10th. Looking forward to seeing many colleagues and friends! Our presentation will focus on using Ableton Live Software and peripherals in the jazz ensemble. I'll post some video when I return.


The new EP, "Street Cries," is available through iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many other online distributers. Click the link below to hear samples and/or buy the tracks on iTunes.

The album features:

Ariel Alexander-Saxophone & Programming
Jon Bremen-Guitar & Programming
Vardan Ovsepian-Keyboards & piano
Tim Lefebvre-Bass
Louis Cole-Drums

Mixed and mastered by Scott Kinsey.

02.04.13TI:ME Conference

On Friday, February 8, Ariel and I will be presenting a performance/clinic at the Central Regional TI:ME conference. We will focus on using Ableton Live Software for electro/acoustic performance. Should be fun! Hopefully, we'll have some video to share after the event.

06.27.12No Idle Frets Podcast

This week, one of my song "Which Way is Home" was featured on Nick Carver's jazz guitar podcast called "No Idle Frets." (Sunday, June 24. Look for podcast #370)

05.29.12Europe Dates

I'll be in Europe for about a month this summer teaching and playing! I'll post more info about the shows soon. Ariel Alexander and I will be touring Spain, Portugal and France and playing with some fantastic European musicians. We still have a few open dates, so If you have any contacts or leads, please send me a message through my "Contact" tab. Thanks!

04.20.12Korea Tour

Just got back from a short tour in Korea with Ariel Alexander! We had a great time playing with some incredible Korean musicians at some of the best jazz venues in Seoul. I also met the folks at Moollon Guitars and Effects and they gave me a killing stratocaster and a tremolo pedal! (Thanks Young Joon Park) See the gallery for some pictures.

Videos from Korea coming soon!


Listen to this killer bootleg from a few months ago! It was recorded live at the Blue Whale in Los Angeles and features:

Bob Reynolds
Jon Bremen
Janek Gwizdala
Dennis Hamm
Chaun Horton

12.09.11Download My New Album!

My new album, "Boundaries" is now available for download on Band Camp! Click the link below.

12.05.11Jazz Education Nework

I will be in Louisville from January 4-7, 2012 for the Jazz Education Network conference. I hope to see you there! Click on the link below for ore info.

11.20.11Improvisation Class at the Blue Whale

Check out the YouTube link below (click "launch related site"). Believe it or not, the short clips that you’ll hear are all derived from a set of four notes!

Pianist, Vardan Ovsepian, introduced me to the idea of permutations about a year ago and I became quickly obsessed with the concept. Since then, I have been working steadily with my own materials using Vardan’s basic concept and I am thrilled with the creative possibilities that I’ve uncovered.

Vardan teaches a regular Sunday improvisation class at the Blue Whale Jazz Club in downtown LA, where he explores the permutations concept with eager students. He will be out of town on November 20, and it is my privilege to be his substitute that day.

The session will focus on practicing and exploring permutations. I have some fun ways to practice the material and I’m hoping we can use your ideas to fuel a group practice session! Of course, all instrumentalists and vocalists are welcome. Guitarists, we can also talk about concerns that are specific to our instrument.

(Guitarists might want to bring a small practice amp.)

Hope to see you there!

10.01.11New Album Available!

The recording features:

Jon Bremen-Guitar
Vardan Ovsepian-Piano/Keys
Joshua Davis-Bass
Dave Robaire-Bass
Zach Harmon-Drums
Dan Schnelle-Drums

Click on the link below to order the CD. Digital download available soon!

08.19.11New Album Coming Soon!

My new album will be available in early September! The recording features:

Vardan Ovsepian (Piano/Keys)
Joshua Davis (Bass)
Zach Harmon (Drums)
Dave Robaire (Bass)
Dan Schnelle (Drums).

Click the link below to see/hear a preview on YouTube!

08.16.10Amp Review

Check my blog to see some amp reviews I recently wrote with my colleague and friend, Brandon Bernstein.

02.08.10Guitar Podcast

Nick Carver mentioned me and played some of my music this week in his jazz guitar podcast called "No Idle Frets". (Monday, February 28. Look for podcast #248)


Visit my blog for discussions, live sound clips, lessons and more.

12.16.09Interview with Guitar International Magazine

In this interview, I answer questions about my album, "Lines." I also talk about music school and being a musician in Los Angeles.

07.27.09Album Review

Read a review of my album "Lines" on the All About Jazz website.

02.22.09Interview on Music Ed Magic

Matt Warnock recently interviewed me for an online music education magazine. We discussed the teaching and learning of music as it relates to the guitar.

02.13.09Welcome to JonBremen.com

Thanks for visiting my site!